I love the idea of using a large tufted ottoman as a coffee table.  An ottoman is softer to look at than a coffee table and if you bang your leg on it, it’s not going to hurt as much right?

Tufted ottoman coffee tables

Adam Ottoman from T & W (similar to pictured)

One thing to consider when using an ottoman as a coffee table is that you will need to use a tray, basket, or books as a flat surface to put down drinks, but that’s a pretty way to decorate the coffee table.

Ottoman Coffee Tables

Inspirational images   1.   Cochrane Design, London   |   2.    New Zealand House & Garden   |   3.   Forever Cottage Blog.  All these images use a pretty tray on top of the ottoman.

tufted ottoman coffee table

This beautiful ottoman is from Audrey Lewis Interiors in Sydney. The large size makes it perfect for a family size coffee table, and a comfy leg rest.  Use smaller ottomans and footstool for extra seating.

When choosing an ottoman you will need to consider the size and height of the ottoman.  Can the ottoman easily be moved to the side of the room or a corner, if you need to open the space up?  Some ottomans come with a shelf underneath or built in storage.  Here are 10 of the best ottoman coffee tables we have found in Australia.

10 best ottoman coffee tables Australia

Ottoman Coffee Tables –   1.   Surrey Tufted Ottoman table from Cottonwood Home   |   2.    Chelsea ottoman from Alfresco Emporium   |   3.   Regency Ottoman from Rustic Charm Interiors (this looks very much like the Restoration Hardware one)   |   4.   Kensal footstool from Laura Ashley   |   5.   Toulouse Ottoman from Max Sparrow   |   6.   Boston ottoman by Cafe Lighting from Wayfair   |   7.   Duke Ottoman in Glacier Grey from Vavoom Emporium   |   8.   Raquel Jute ottoman from Vavoom Emporium   |   9.   Camille coffee table ottoman from Rustic Charm Interiors   |   10.   Linen ottoman by Lavender Hill Interiors