Does your pantry need organising? now is the perfect time to get it back in shape before the Christmas season is here.  Today we have some images to inspire you and some great products to make your pantry look gorgeous.

Pantry Organisation

Image: Home Bunch

Empty and Clean

This is a big job, but I find it the easiest way, empty all your dishes, glasses and appliances.  Give your appliances a good clean to make them sparkle again.  If your up for a really good clense, you can even empty out all the food, keeping what you need, and maybe donating canned products your never going to use.

Pantry Organisation

Image: Blake Shaw Homes

Food Zones

By dividing your pantry into food zones, this will help keep your food organised.  Use zones that fit your lifestyle, for example, breakfast, baking, meals, general food storage, snacks and spices.

Tara Dennis Homewares

Kitchen Storage Cannisters by Tara Dennis from Alfresco Emporium



Pack your pantry in the food zones that mostly suit your families lifestyle.  If you have open shelving, you might find using baskets to store some items will give your pantry a cleaner and more organised look.

Pantry Organisation

Image: Style At Home

New Products

Buying new glassware and canisters for your pantry will help give your kitchen the freshen up it needs, I have just bought some new drinking glasses, I hadn’t realised how old the other ones were, so just by changing something so simple on my pantry shelf with glasses that are all matching has made a big difference.

Replacing any chipped or cracked plates to get ready for the entertaining season is also a good idea

Pantry Organisation

 Image :HGTV via Decorpad


Look even more organised with some labels to organise your whole family.

Pantry Organisation

Rattan Tea CaddyUntensilis | Coffee Jar 

Handy Tip

Place a tray under your toaster, this will keep the crumbs contained and make it easier to clean.  I have bought the white charger rectangle tray from K-mart, which is perfect for under the toaster.

Are you ready to start your pantry makeover, I am.  Let us know how your go.