Do you struggle to choose the right paint colours?  I know many of you do, and both Christine and Alison contacted me after my Solve Your Decorating Problem post on Friday.  Both ladies were looking for the right shade of white and asked for advice to choose a neutral paint colour.   In this post I’ll look at some of the most popular whites, beiges, greys and greige (a mix of grey & beige) paint colours.

Resene Arrowtown Quarter Strength

This is my formal lounge which is painted in Resene Arrowtown Quarter Strength.

When I was repainting my master bedroom and lounge at Easter time, I put out the call to say what colours have people used in their homes.  The colours listed below reflect what feedback I got, plus my own personal recommendations.  Over the past 29 years that I have been decorating and painting houses, I have used Dulux, Taubmans, Resene and Porters paints, so I have stuck to these to recommend colours as I have personal experience using them.  So here are some neutral colours worth considering:


Resene Neutral Paint Colours

Porters Paints

Porters Paints Collage

DuluxDulux Neutral Paint Colours


Taubmans Neutral Colours

Tips for Choosing the Right Colour

  • Decide if you want a white, or if you’d prefer to add a little colour to your room by choosing a beige, grey or greige colour?
  • Do you want a cool tone or a warm tone?  Cool tones have a blue or black base which I know sounds weird, but it just means they are crisp or slightly grey tones that look cool and work well in rooms with lots of natural light.  Warm tones have a yellow, red or brown undertone in them to create a warmer cozy feeling, which is well suited to darker rooms that don’t get as much natural light.
  • What colours will it go with?  Will the colour you choose work with other elements in the room?  For example;  If you have off-white timber shutters and you paint the walls a pure bright white, it may make the shutters look dirty or really cream.  Likewise, your floor coverings need to work with your wall colour.
  • Does the paint colour have another tone in it?  Even though up might think a grey paint is neutral, it can have other tones in it.  Many greys have a green or purple tone in them, so you need to be aware of this when choosing a colour.  Using large brushouts or sample pots can help with this as you can put the paint colour up against other elements in the room to see how they will work together.
  • Get a sample pot of paint.  Follow our guidelines in How to Use a Paint Sample Pots Properly,  and get your selection of colours onto the wall so you can see how they look in different light.
  • Get expert advice.  Most specialist paint shops have knowledgeable sales staff who can help you narrow down your paint choice.  Take in photos of the space you want to paint, plus samples of your carpet, curtains etc… that you need the paint to work with.

Dulux Natural White

My Paint Colour Scheme

I often get asked what paint colours are in my house.  Until I repainted a couple of rooms at Easter, my entire house was painted in Dulux Vivid White from top to bottom.  It’s a good pure white, as essentially it’s white paint without any tint in it.  The outside of my house is painted in Dulux Natural White which is softer and warmer, and a better colour to use outdoors to stop the house looking like it just has an undercoat on it.  I painted my Formal lounge in Resene Arrowtown Quarter Strength and my master bedroom in Resene Cloud.

A big thank you to all the people on Facebook and instagram who shared their paint colours with me back at Easter.  What paint colour do you have in your home?  Leave a comment below if you can, as it may just help another reader with their paint colour choice.