Maybe you’ve heard about bamboo bed linen and are wondering what all the fuss is about?  Well I have just tested Ettitude’s bamboo Daydream quilt cover, and here’s why I think you need to try bamboo bed linen for yourself.

Ettitude bamboo quilt cover

They’re Soft

The first thing I noticed when I opened drawstring bag containing the bamboo quilt cover is how soft the fabric was.  I mean REALLY SOFT.  I felt like I was touching silk.  I wish you could touch the screen and feel how soft this bed linen is.

Bamboo Quilt Cover

My Daughter (the Ballerina) slept with the Ettitude quilt cover to test it for me, and she couldn’t believe how soft the fabric was.  Bamboo has a long staple length which gives the fabric it’s silky soft feeling.

No More Bed Head

Like silk, bamboo lyocell fabric is kind to your skin and hair (very important for a budding ballerina).  The softness of the pillowcase means less kinks , knotting and flyways.

Bamboo Bed Linen

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Bamboo fabric is breathable and wicks away night sweat, which means it helps regulate your body temperature.  The ballerina said she didn’t get too hot like she normally does, so she got a better night’s sleep.

Bamboo Bed Linen Quilt Cover Paradise Green

Environmentally Friendly

You can read all about how bamboo lyocell fabric is produced here.  Basically it is much kinder to the environment to both grow and process bamboo compared to cotton, and because it’s organic there are no harsh chemicals used that can irritate your skin.  That’s great news for people with sensitive skin.

Bamboo Bed Linen

They Sell Direct

Ettitude sell their full range direct to the market.  I’m a fan of this form of retailing as it cuts out the middle man and keeps prices more affordable to the customer.  A queen size quilt cover set sells for about $160, but if it were sold to a wholesaler and then a retailer you could expect much higher prices.

The other advantage is that you can see the full range online and can mix and match sheets and quilt covers as you like.

Why you Need Bamboo Bed Linen

Wash & Wear

As part of my review, I washed the quilt cover on a cold 30C wash.  The care instructions say you can tumble dry on low, but I dried mine on the line.  It still felt just as soft after it had been washed and did not feel hard or scratchy when dry.  The only thing I would say, is that if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t cope with wrinkles, then you might find yourself ironing the quilt cover and pillowcases.

Ettitude bamboo bed linen

Try For Yourself

If you would like to try this bamboo bed linen for yourself visit:

Ettitude Online Store   |   Instagram @ettitudestore

Ettitude offer a free sample service so you can feel just how soft the fabric is for yourself.  Did I mention it’s SOFT?

Disclosure:  Ettitude sent me a Queen size Paradise Green quilt cover set to review for this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are mine, and I have given an honest account of the product.

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