You may have heard National Tiles advertising on the radio about their new Digital Decorator visualiser.  Well being DIY Decorators, we thought we’d check it out, and it’s good.

The Visualiser is a multimedia tool that grants you the ability to quite literallly visualise any room or exterior of a house in whatever style you envision.

Through the Visualiser’s sophisticated suite of interactive menus, users can edit all of the surfaces in an image of a house interior or exterior, and change those surfaces into whatever is desired. With just a few clicks (or touches, if using a touch-screen) users can change the colour of the kitchen wall, switch the carpet in the lounge for floorboards, change the orientation of their bathroom tiles, and more!

digital decorator

The Visualiser even has the capability to email or print full documented lists of all the surface selections made, allowing users to easily source out the materials needed to turn their digital design into the real thing.

With a large range of images to choose from, and an even larger selection of tiles and surfaces, users can custom-design the room or even the entire home of their dreams.   With the ability to immediately see their choices without having to try and guess what everything will look like, the Visualiser is a remarkable tool for home builders, designers and renovators.

How to Use the Visuliser

digita decorator

The Area Selection Screen is where the image you have chosen to edit is displayed, along with all the products available at the bottom of the screen tools that are used to change each area of the image to your liking can be found on the right hand side of the screen.

National Tiles Selector

It’s important to note that clicking / touching a product’s thumbnail once will bring up a short description for that product (its name and product code).

• Then, clicking / touching a product thumbnail a second time will apply that product to your currently selected surface.

• For tiles, a second click / touch will also bring up a small selection of rotation angles that can be applied to it (0, 45, 90 and 135 degrees). Click / Touch one of these rotation angles to apply it to the tiles on your currently selected surface.

Digital Decorator paint tool

You can even use the paint tool to change the colours of walls and other surfaces.  We’ve only had a little play with the software, but we can see a great benefit to decorators as it helps you to visualise just how the room will look.

To try it for yourself visit National Tiles