Masters hamptons style

Masters Hamptons style 2

Garden and outdoor living at Masters.  Create the  Hamptons Style look for your patio/outdoor entertaining area.   Masters have a fabulous range of outdoor furniture and accessories for a Hamptons makeover.  Quality also comes in to play, with the latest materials and fabrics being durable and long-lasting.

For a real impact in your garden/outdoor entertaining area  follow a theme. Your garden area could take on a casual or formal ambience, you may want to create an inner-city oasis, or how about a country garden?

1.  Del Terra Nelson Carver Chair.

1a. Faux box hedge ball.

2.  Del Terra Nelson outdoor setting.

3.  Luytens Bench, elegantly styled wooden outdoor bench.

4.  Mary Valentine Striped Cushion 41 x 41cm.

5.  Pink Hydrangeas.