I’m in love with mason jars.  Not for making jam and preserves or even for using as vases, but for drinking out of.  Pop a pretty straw in the jar or through a daisy lid and you’ve got the perfect party mug.

Mason Jars Drink Collage

 Where to Buy Mason Jars In Australia

1.  Ball quart mason jar from The Spring Shop

2.  Mason Jar Mug by Pottery Barn Australia

3.  Mason Jar Drink Dispenser 5.7 litres by Alfresco Emporium

4.  Quilted 12oz Jam Jar from The Spring Shop

5.  Moonshine mug and lid from The Spring Shop

6.  Mason Jar Mug by Alfresco Emporium


History of the Mason Jar

The Mason jar was invented and patented in 1858 by Philadelphia tinsmith, John Mason.   It’s unique feature was that the top of the glass jar had screw threads onto which a tin lid with a rubber seal could be screwed on and create a seal for preserving food.  The two original manufacturers of these jars in the US were Ball and Kerr.  If you are searching for an authentic vintage jar, try Bayside Vintage.

Vintage Ball mason jar by Bayside Vintage


Of course, if you are having a party you may want to buy Mason jars in bulk.  Here are some packs we found.

Bulk Mason Jars Australia

Blue Ball Mason jars from The Redback Trading Company

6 pack of Mason jars with handles and lids from Leo & Bella

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