Wouldn’t it be nice to make everyday life and chores a little more special and enjoyable?  Well I’m sharing a few ways I make everyday special.  Watch the video or read the blog post.

Make Everyday Special Video

Watch this video to see some of the ways I make everyday a little more special around the home.

Fresh Flowers

One way to make everyday special is to add fresh flowers to your home.  You don’t have to spend a fortune each week on flowers.  A single bloom in a bud vase is all you need.

Make Everyday Special with Fresh Flowers

New Tea Towels

Have you been living with the same tea towels for years?  It’s time to send them to the rag pile and get some fresh new tea towels.  I bought these blue and white stripe tea towels from Wheel & Barrow.

Make Everyday Special with fresh tea towels

A Fragrant Diffuser

Don’t forget to make your home smell nice too.  A beautiful fragrance really makes a difference.  You will notice it every time you enter the room.  For the powder room I bought a Glasshouse diffuser called The Hamptons.  It’s a teak and petitgrain fragrance.

Make everyday special with a diffuser

Scented Hand Soap

You wash your hand numerous times a day, so spoil yourself with a beautiful smelling hand soap that doesn’t dry your skin out.  For the powder room I bought Glasshouse Hand Wash in Amalfi Coast Sea Mist.

Make Everyday Special with Scented Hand Soap

Make Laundry Fun

Most of us have never ending laundry piles.  To make the everyday task of ironing more enjoyable, I added some faux flowers to cheer me up, a scented candle to smell nice, and a portable bluetooth speaker to listen to music.

Make everyday special in the laundry

Treat Your Skin

Don’t forget to pamper yourself as well as your home.  I’m loving the new range of Skin Boss face oils.  It’s so nourishing for my dry skin.

Make Everyday Special with Skin Boss Face Oils

Enjoy Your Workspace

You will feel more creative and work better if your workspace is pretty and makes you smile.  I’ve been burning my Thyme & Olive Leaf candle from Le Brook Maison while I work.  And I treated myself to a pale pink KikkiK planner and had my initials monogrammed on the cover in gold.  Very special.  It’s a joy to write my daily to do list in it.

Make everyday special with a KikkiK planner

 What little things do you do to make everyday a little more special?

Make Everyday Special