At Diy decorator, we love cushions and especially cushions with beautiful vibrant colours.  We all have our own style when it comes to arranging our cushions on the sofa.  Some like to start with a more formal symmetrical look, or a casual scattered arrangement.  Some easy tips for styling your sofa with cushions are to mix and match your fabrics,  layer your colours and mix textures.  Your cushions should pull together all the colours and patterns in your room.  Change  your cushions with the season for a fresh look.  Better Homes and Gardens have a short video on cushion styling.


Coco Republic sofa1

Green couch living room

Living room inspiration image full of colour.

Coco Republic sofa 3


1.  Coco Republic Ashley sofa.

2.  Maidenhair green cushion from Bonnie & Neil.

3.  Begonia leaf pink cushion from Bonnie & Neil.

4.  Garden floral yellow cushion from Bonnie & Neil.

5.  Coco Republic belgium rolled arm sofa.

6.  Stunning floral cushion from Gilles & Franck.

7.  Antique style velvet cushion in berry pink with navy piping from Gilles & Franck.

8.  Floral cushion in water colours from Gilles & Franck.