Organising your laundry is all about using all the space you have available, with storage baskets, glass containers and a place for all your cleaning products.  Your new organised laundry will save you time by creating an efficient workflow.

laundry storage3

A drying rack to hang clothes from is useful for the colder months,  you can also use it to hold your ironing, and adjustable wire shelving in cupboards for storage.

Laundry storage2

Most importantly, don’t forget to add a bit of green, it just looks nice.

laundry storage4

1.  Laundry inspiration from here.

2.  Kubu square basket from Provincial Home Living.

3.  Sherpur square basket from Provincial Home Living.

4.  Kubu rectangular basket from Provincial Home Living.

5.  Inspiring laundry room from Decorpad.

6.  Maxwell and Williams jar from House.

7.  Bocal jar with glass lid from Provicial Home Living.

8.  St. Piere round glass jar from Provincial Home Living.

9.  Laundry picture from here.

10.  Blue metalic ironing board cover from Target.

11.  Faux buxus topiary from Target.

12.  White basket from Ikea.