When you see a piece of home decor sitting on the shop shelf, do you see it just as it is, or can you see the potential of what it could be?  I challenged myself to go to Kmart and see if I could transform some home decor with a simple spray paint makeover.  Here’s my Kmart hack rose gold hurricane vase.

kmart hack rose gold hurricane vase

Materials Needed:

Kmart hace hurricane vase rose gold

Step 1 – Prepare Surface for Spraying

Metallic spray paint will show lumps and bumps, so it’s a good idea to lightly sand the timber base before you paint.

Step 2 – Spray Paint

Lay down a drop cloth outside or in a well ventilated area.  Place the item you want to spray on the cloth.  I like to prop my object up so I can easily spray the bottom edge.  I used some old polystyrene foam I had.

Shake the can well and spray.  The base was touch dry in 10 minutes, and I could pick it up after 30 minutes.

Tips for Spray Painting:

  • Shake the can well before using
  • Spray in a side to side motion, overlapping slightly
  • Start with a light coat.  If you use a heavy spray, you may get paint drips and runs.
  • Be careful when standing downwind as you may get paint on you

The Final Result

Kmart hack rose gold vase

So this is what the hurricane vase looks like once I sprayed the wooden base with the rose gold spray.  I also decided to spray paint a candle.

candle before

And this is how they turned out together.

Kmart Hack

I really like the combination of pale pink and rose gold.

kmart hack rose gold spray paint

kmart hack

Now the purpose of this post is not that you run out and buy the Kmart vase and the rose gold spray paint, although you can if you want.  I just want you to look at home decor items with fresh eyes, and see it for what it could be if you add a personal touch to it.  Spray paint is such a quick and easy way to personalise chain store decor and make it your own.  The possibilities are endless.

Spray paint makeovers

Here are 3 items I spotted from the chain stores that immediately said “spray paint makeover” to me.

Gladom Tray Table $29 from IKEA   |   Design House Square tray $10 from BigW   |   Bamboo Mirror with Shelf $17 from Kmart.

What makeover would you give these items?

Rust-oleum kindly gifted me a starter pack of spray paint – rose gold, aluminium and Lagoon.  I’m tipping the aluminium spray paint will come in handy over Christmas.

Kmart hack with Rose Gold Spray Paint