As we start to organise our own homes for the new year ahead and look for creative storage solutions, here are some stylish ways to create your own kitchen workstation to accommodate filing, schoolwork, a calendar and space for a laptop.  It’s a handy spot for a family message board, mail and bills.

Kitchen workstation1

File important manuals and warranties in one stylish spot for quick and easy retrieval when needed.  The Manual and Warranties folder from Kikki-K has seven tab dividers to personalise with stickers to fit your lifestyle.  Kitchen Workstation image from Decorpad.

kitchen workstation2

Store your favourite recipes and plan your weekly menus.  Kitchen Workstation image from Decorpad.

Kitchen workstation3

The perfect place to keep your car keys and mail.  Kitchen Workstation image from Better Homes and Gardens.  The Modular Daily System (no.7) allows you to create a customised system for supreme organisation for your family.

1.  Vision Board kit from Kikki K.

2.  Kate Spade nexting boxes from Papier D’Amour

3.  Manual & Warranty Organizer from Kikki K.

4.  Martha Stewart blue ringbinder from Office Works.

5.  Martha Stewart Accordian file from Office Works.

6.  Martha Stewart blue box from Office Works.

7.   White Daily System from Pottery Barn.

8.  Martha Stewart white desktop organiser from Office Works.

9.  White Lacquer Office tray from West elm.