Kitchen Pendant Lights

Nothing makes an impact in the kitchen like a row of pendant lights hanging over the bench.

Copper pendant light above kitchen bench

Copper pendant light from Dunlin Home

Whether you’re a lover of French, Hamptons, Nautical, Industrial or Contemporary styles there is a wide range of pendant lights available to make a statement in your home.

Stainless Steel Pendants

Cafe Light by Villa Maison, Hanging Spotlight by Hyphenate, Harrison Pendant from Magins Lighting 

Wicker Pendant Lights

Contemporary pendant from Surrey Lighting, Malmo Pendant (as seen in the boys bathroom on The Block) Beacon Lighting, Vintage Rattan Bell shape light shade by RG Imports,


Crystal Clear Pendants

Decanter light by Cafe Culture, Nickel Dome Pendant from French Dressing,  Chopin Basket light from Northern Lighting

Black Pendant Lights

Industrial Light by La Maison,  Axelle Light by La Maison, Marseille Light by La Maison

Light and Bright Pendants

Glass pendant by Custom Lighting, Nud lamp with E27 globe by Nordic Fusion, Perla hanging light by Town & Country Style

 Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights in the Kitchen

  • Pendant lights look good hung evenly spaced in a row above the counter top.
  • Odd number such as 3 and 5 work well.
  • Take into consideration the material and style of the light for cleaning as it will be exposed to steam and grease in the air.
  • Position the light in front of your work area so it does not cast shadows where you are trying to work.
  • Make sure the light is hung at the right height, you don’t want to keep banging your head against it.
  • Consider adding a dimmer switch if you want to use the lighting as ambient lighting in the evening