Internal doors are an important element in the architectural character of your home.  Whether modern or traditional, their style, colour and hardware will make a statement.

VJ Door Collage

1.   Inspirational picture from Woodworkers

2.   Inspirational picture from Magnet Trade (UK)

3.   Amelia passage set from Bunnings

4.   Internal Accent door from Bunnings

VJ doors are a great mix of modern and traditional, and are well suited to coastal inspired decor.  With no horizontal divide you can place the door handle at any height.

Internal Doors - Half Glass

5.   Inspiration picture from Hayburn & Co

6.   Inspiration picture from Woodworkers

7.   Glass door knob from Restoration Online

8.   Victorian 4 panel glazed door from Woodworkers

Half glazed doors allow extra light into the room.  If privacy is a concern opt for frosted glass.  A glass knob adds a feminine touch, or bright chrome handles look stunning against dark coloured doors.

Internal Doors glass panes

Door handles

9.   Inspiration picture from Woodworkers

10.   Inspiration picture from Woodworkers

11.   10 light bevel edge glazed door from Woodworkers

12.   White porcelain lever handle from Tradco

13.   Chrome door pull from Restoration Online

14.   Bordeaux iron lever handle from Tradco

Full glass doors separate areas without closing them off.  Painting multi-panel glazed doors can be tricky.  You will need plenty of masking tape or choose one of the paint and peel options from retailers such as Doors Plus.

A standard size internal door in Australia is 820mm wide x 2040mm high.  You will find some doors in other sizes or you can get doors custom made to suit a different size opening.