You are always looking for inspiration and decorating tips for your home, and I am always looking to help you create a home you love living in ….  SO I’ve made some big changes to the website to help make it easier for you to learn to decorate.  Firstly I have created a free interior decorating resource library for you to access.

Interior Decorating Resource Library

A free interior decorating resource library just for you.

Free Interior Decorating Resource Library

You will see the FREE RESOURCES tab at the top on the menu bar.  The page is password protected.  To get your password and access the library, just sign up to the DIY Decorator newsletter and become part of our decorating community.  Existing subscribers – I sent you an email with the password yesterday so check your inbox.

The library contains our free eBook – 25 Decorating Ideas You Can Do Right Now. Plus downloadable and printable PDF’s containing styling tricks and decorating tips and cheat sheets to help solve your decorating problems.

I will continue to create new resources for the library that are free to access by the DIY Decorator community.  So look out in the newsletter for the latest blog posts and resources.

A Fresh New Look

I wasn’t planning on making over the website, but to give you all the features I wanted to provide, it was time to update.  There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to give a website it’s look and functionality.  Basically I had to do some structural work, and then I could set about making it pretty (much like a home really!).

DIY Decorator Services

  • I needed an ecommerce solution so I could introduce my new Decor Coaching Service.  I will be launching this exciting new service soon, so look out for it in the newsletter.
  • I needed to add a layer of encryption so any information you provide me is safe and secure.  All the webpages now start with https:// (the S stands for secure).  If you have DIY Decorator bookmarked, you should be redirected from http:// to https:// automatically.  If not – just add the s to the address.
  • To make the site mobile-friendly and easy to view on a phone, tablet or desktop I needed to simplify the menu bar.  So now all the blog posts (all 624 of them) are under the heading BLOG in the menu bar.  You can use the drop down menu to search each category, and I’ve added the most popular categories to the bottom of each page.

Explore the DIY Decorator blog

Shop & Learn

The Shop & Learn section of the website is where you will find :

My Go To Shops – This is like my little black book of shopping.  It’s where I shop to buy furniture, decor and more for my home.

Courses – This is where you will find interior decorating courses offered by DIY Decorator.  Get started with the free Pinterest for Home Decorating course to find your decorating style and watch out for more courses coming soon.

DIY Decorator Shop & Learn

A Bit About Me

Finally the About section has a little bit about me and what DIY Decorator is all about.  You will also find information on how you can Work with Me or Contact Me.

About DIY Decorator

I hope you like the new look DIY Decorator, and have some time to take a look around.  If you have any questions, please let me know.