Instagram is more than just a photo sharing app, it’s a community. Introducing the Instagram hashtag #glimpseofmyhome. Use this hashtag to share a peek inside your own home, and discover other Instagram users who love decorating their home too.

Instagram hash tag #glimpseofmystyle

You all loved seeing inside the home of @seacova

What’s a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a just way to label or categorise a photo you share on Instagram so other people can discover your photo. People search popular hashtags to find photos that might appeal to them. This is much the same way as typing a word into Google and hitting the search button. Here’s an example of how you can use hashtags.

Instagram hashtag #glimpseofmyhome

Sharing Other Instagram User’s Photos

On @diydecorator I often share decorating pictures taken by other Instagram users, and I always credit them by using their @InstagramName. This puts their photo in front of our Instagram audience, which is currently 16.8k and growing every day.

Instagram hashtag #glimpseofmystyle

This is one of our most liked photos from @francesrussellinteriors

I often get comments like:

“Thank you so very much for your lovely words …. You made my day”
“So lovey to see my home on your Instagram”
“Thank you for the link, I am now happily following (the person we featured)”

Building a Community

There is a strong home decorating community on instagram. I think because it’s a visual platform and home decorator’s just love seeing pretty pictures. We also LOVE to see inside other people’s homes. I think because they’re real homes, and not the ones featured in glossy magazines.

instagram hashtag #glimpseofmyhome

How beautiful is Annette’s home from @lovetostyle

Home decorator’s love seeing photos of decorating. When we go to the shops and come home with new bedlinen or a cushion, we immediately want to pop it on the bed. We feel good. We want to share that feeling. Fashion lovers share photos of outfits. Home decor lovers share photos of homes.

instagram hashtag #glimpseofmyhome

Katie from @canecutters.cottage said – “My husband was horrified that I added another layer of pillows to the bed today – but they were blue, white and stripey so how could I say no?!?”

I get that, so I decided I wanted to create a hashtag that people could use to share their homes, and discover other people sharing their homes too.

With the help of 4 of my very best Insta-buddies (@villadeluxeboutique @botticellihouse @kirstenandco and @sproutgallery) we came up with the hashtag


Tips for choosing dining chairs

I often share pictures of my home.  This is my rather unique dining room.  Do you know how many times I get asked “where can I buy that wallpaper from?” The Wallpaper is Stroheim ‘Cathay Pastoral’ You can try searching for it online.

Why #glimpseofmyhome? Well I wanted to include the words My Home in the tag, so it would encourage people to share photos of their own home, rather than inspiration images from Pinterest. And glimpse allows us to look inside your home.  Glimpse is actually defined as:

a momentary or partial view

I thought this really suited. You don’t have to show us your whole house, just a moment in time or a partial view of part of your home.

Instagram hashtag #glimpseofmystyle

Just a snippet of Tracy’s house @teatonbrown

Today we are launching this hashtag. If you love home decorating, using this hashtag is a great way to share your home decorating style, and to discover other home decor lovers.

So please, grab your phone and snap a picture somewhere in your home and share it to the hash tag #glimpseofmyhome

I can’t wait to see what you post, and of course I will share some of them with our Instagram and Facebook audience.

Glimpse of my home instagram hash tag