Inspiration DIY Decorators

One of the challenges facing those of us who like to decorate is finding the right ideas and inspiration. Sometimes all we have to do is see a picture and snap, just like that, we can solve a decorating problem, or we can get an idea of what we can do to our homes to make them better.  Traditionally we turn to glossy home magazines for those pictures, but there is also a great electronic version called Pinterest.

Inspiration DIY Decorators
Inspiration DIY Decorators

Pinterest is an online array of gorgeous photos, great products and DIY projects for us to try.  We have a DIY Decorator Pinterest account where we clip all the great products we find.  When you clip a picture from a website, it saves the web link to that site so you can always find it again.  How often have you remembered you saw a great product but can’t remember where you saw it?  With Pinterest, you can save it to one of your boards, and you’ll always find it again.

You can set up as many boards as you like.  You can pin directly from websites or re-pin another person’s pin.  You can find other pins from the same website and follow pincers whose pins you like.  You can search for specific pins, so if you are looking for styling ideas you might search coffee table styling, or bookcase styling to find inspiration.  It is an endless source of inspiration and very addictive.

Next time you have a decorating problem to solve or want some decorating inspiration, go search Pinterest.

Find inspiration for your DIY project

Many people ask me what I do to inspire myself as a DIY decorator. Where do I find my ideas? Let’s talk about how to get inspired for your DIY project today!

The following are some examples of Pinterest

Create a Board on Pinterest. This is the first thing I suggest to anyone who wants to start a room renovation. Pin photos of rooms you like to get ideas for your renovation. Also, nail down details such as decor style, colour scheme, furniture, etc.

Home decor stores

Stores like Pottery Barn Restoration Hardware Crate & Barrel, etc., are high-end stores. You can get great ideas for DIY and decor projects. You can DIY or upcycle a piece inspired by their high-end pieces if you cannot afford them. IKEA and other budget-friendly stores have also provided me with a lot of inspiration.


I love historical architecture and design. I often get inspired by pictures or movies to create DIYs or decorate my home. My home has a four-square design that is reminiscent of the early 20th century. I love to incorporate interior elements that are reminiscent of this period.


It’s impossible to go wrong when you let nature guide your DIY and decorating projects! In designing our lakehouse rental, I was inspired by the colours and textures of the surrounding landscapes and wildlife. The home is decorated with golds, blues and even accessories featuring ducks. These colours and patterns are in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Add natural elements inspired by the setting to your home. It always works!

Practical Needs

I find that my best way to get inspired is by identifying a need and then using my creativity to solve it. In our narrow entrance, we had a problem with shoes on the floor. I used IKEA trim and cabinets to create a built-in look to hide our shoes while still leaving enough space to walk. Click here to see the complete tutorial for this project!). Having a practical problem and being able to solve it can be inspiring.

Designers’ Home Decor Ideas We Love

Paper Flower
Paper Flower

When you are on a tight budget, quick and simple home decor ideas can still look stylish. We have ideas to help you transform your house in a way you like. The days when you felt overwhelmed by your budget and neglected the rest of the house to fix one part are over.

When you are upgrading your home, every detail counts. It doesn’t matter if you swap throw pillows in your living room or add an accent in your powder bathroom. Or if you install new sconces for your dining room. All of these things contribute to the overall aesthetic. Interior designers share quick and easy ideas to update every corner of your home. These low-lift ideas are easy to do in one day. We’ve sourced ideas for spaces in every style and size of home. You can turn an awkward corner into a cozy reading nook, or bring life to a guest bedroom by adding eye-catching bedding.

You can transform an entire room to feel fresh, modern, timeless and elevated. What’s the best part? These ideas can be tackled without hiring an expert. One swap will have you living like a design pro. The final result will look as if it took a lot longer.

Turn Your Bookshelf into a Gallery

Celebrity chef Alex Hitz says, “The room isn’t very bright, so I decided it would be cozy, and made it an English-style portrait, which was ridiculous but fun.” What could be cozier than a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that’s surrounded by comfortable seating? Double-duty bookshelves can also be used as gallery walls. By contrasting your books with art, you can create contrast and give them more personality.

Add a Mirror

You can either place a large or on your mantel, as HGTV’s Alison Victoria did above her fireplace in her Atlanta loft or you can dedicate another wall to it, whether in your bedroom, hallway, or entryway. It will not only look great but also make the room seem bigger and brighter.

Set Up a Cozy Reading Spot

No designated reading nook? No problem. Design your formal living area to double as a lounge area if you don’t have enough space to create a reading nook. Heidi Caillier chose fabric and furniture shapes that were sophisticated and comfortable, ideal for entertaining and, or just relaxing alone.

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