One of the challenges facing those of us who like to decorate is finding the right ideas and inspiration.  Sometimes all we have to do is see a picture and snap, just like that, we are able to solve a decorating problem, or we can get an idea of what we can do to our homes to make them better.  Traditionally we turn to glossy home magazines for those pictures, but there is also a great electronic version called Pinterest.

Pinterest Board DIY Decorator

Pinterest is an online smorgasbord of gorgeous photos, great products and DIY projects for us to try.  We have a DIY Decorator pinterest account where we clip all the great products we find.  When you clip a picture from a website, it saves the web link to that site so you can always find it again.  How many times have you remembered you saw a great product but you can’t remember where you saw it?  With pinterest you can save it to one of your boards, and you’ll always find it again.

Screen Shot Close Up Pinterest

You can set up as many boards as you like.  You can pin direct from web sites or re-pin another person’s pin.  You can find other pins from the same web site and follow pincers who’s pins you like.  You can search for specific pins, so if you are looking for styling ideas you might search coffee table styling, or bookcase styling to find inspiration.  It is an endless source of inspiration and very addictive.

Next time you have a decorating problem to solve, or want some decorating inspiration, go search pinterest.

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