How To Tie a Perfect Bow

Tying a perfect bow can be a little tricky, but with a bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of it. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

How To Tie a Perfect Bow
How To Tie a Perfect Bow
  1. Start with a length of ribbon: Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to form your bow, leaving extra length for the tails. The length will depend on how big you want your bow to be.
  2. Form a loop: Make a loop with one end of the ribbon, ensuring that the patterned side (if there is one) faces outward. This loop will be on one side of your bow.
  3. Cross the ribbon: Take the other end of the ribbon and cross it over the loop you just made. This will create the centre of your bow.
  4. Create the second loop: With the end of the ribbon that you just crossed over, form a second loop. This loop should mirror the first one, with the patterned side facing outward.
  5. Feed the end through Take the end of the ribbon that’s now in your hand and pass it behind the centre of the bow, through the gap between the two loops.
  6. Tighten the bow: Pull both ends of the ribbon gently to tighten the bow. Adjust the loops and tails as needed to make them even and symmetrical.
  7. Fluff the loops: Once you’re happy with the shape of your bow, carefully fluff out the loops to make them look full and rounded.
  8. Trim the tails: Finally, trim the ends of the ribbon to your desired length, making sure they’re even.

Practice makes perfect, so don’t worry if your first few attempts aren’t exactly how you want them. Keep practising, and soon you’ll be tying perfect bows every time!

How to Make a Decorative Bow

Finally, here is a collection of tutorials that will show you how to make special decorative bows.

Anyone who likes to wrap presents, decorate for parties or celebrate the holidays will find that knowing how to tie a ribbon is a valuable skill. Three easy ways to create a bow using a wired ribbon are shown below. You can practice tying a bow in your spare time as the holidays are fast approaching. You can do it with friends, and especially on weekends. In this post, we will show you three different ways to tie a bow.

How to tie a bow with a wired ribbon

Supplies you need to make a bow:

  • Ribbon (Any type will work)(This tutorial utilizes a satin ribbon).
  • Here are some of the many ribbons that you can find in a craft shop:
    • The wire ribbon is strong and will allow you to make bows of great volume.
    • Satin Ribbon is a smooth fabric ribbon. Use this to achieve a classic look.
    • Acetate ribbon is often used for packaging.
    • Curling Ribbon is a crimped woven ribbon that curls when it is pulled over an edge.
  • Ribbon cutting scissors

How to Make a Big Beautiful Bow

#1 How to Make a Big Round Bow

Green Big Round Bow
Green Big Round Bow

You will need three items to make a large, circular bow: a wide, thick ribbon, a thin ribbon and scissors. About 1.5 yards of wide ribbon should be cut and about one foot of thin ribbon.

Step 1: Folding the Ribbon

Start with a wide ribbon. Start by placing it on the table. Fold over five-inch pieces accordion style.

Step 2: Continue folding

Fold the ribbon over to the end. The ribbon should be stacked neatly.

Step 3: Clip the Ribbon Sides

Clip the ribbon’s sides once you have folded your ribbon accordion style over itself. Clip a V and make sure you catch all layers of ribbon.

Step 4: Add a thin ribbon

Place your thin ribbon under the V-notched sides.

Step 5: Tie a thin ribbon around the bow

Tie the thin ribbon around the wide ribbon with a basic overhand knot. Pull it tight.

Step 6: Form Your ribbon into the bow

Pull apart all the wire ribbon pieces and puff them up to add volume. I used wire ribbon, but you can use any type of ribbon.

#2 How to Make a Layered Bow

Layered Bow
Layered Bow

This bow can be made with any ribbon. Ribbons and scissors are required. Half your yard.

Step 1: Remove Wire

This step is optional. I used a wired cord because I liked its colour. I do not want the wire to be in my finished product so I will pull it out. Take the ribbon and the wire with you, then gently pull. Pull the wire while moving the ribbon downward.

Step 2: Fold over the ribbon

Fold the ribbon accordion style. Fold the ribbon over itself accordion-style. Although you can choose any size, I found that this length worked well with the width of the ribbon I selected.

Step 3: Add another Ribbon

After you have folded the ribbon, place the other half underneath.

Step 4: Form a bow by tying a knot around the ribbon

Bring the second ribbon around the folded one and tie an overhand knot. It will become tighter.

Step 5: Adjusting the Ribbon to Create a Bow

Open the folded ribbon pieces. Work with the folded pieces of ribbon.

Step 6: Clip your bow’s tail

Clip your tail so that it has an angled edge. This gives the bow a more polished appearance and keeps it from fraying.

You now have a simple layered bow.

#3 How to Make a Flower Bow Out of a Wire Ribbon

It is very simple to make a flower-shaped ribbon. This bowing technique requires a wired ribbon. You will require approximately 1 yard of ribbon and scissors.

Step 1: Remove 1 side of wire

You will want to only have one side of the ribbon with a wire. Only one side of the ribbon should have a wire. Take the ribbon and the wire in your other hand, and gently pull. As you pull out the wire, move the ribbon downward.

Step 2: Dispose of the Wire

You can recycle the wire later.

Step 3: Knot the other wire

Tie a knot in the base of the ribbon with the wire still inside. You can tie a tight knot by wrapping the thin wire around itself multiple times.

Step 4: Pull the ribbon down and hold the wire taut

To create your flower-shaped ribbon, you’ll need to bundle up your ribbon. Holding the wire taut with one hand and bringing down the ribbon with the other, you can create your flower-shaped bow. The knot that you tied on the wire end should keep the ribbon in place, so it doesn’t fall out of the other end.

Step 5: Spiral your Ribbon

Spiralize the ribbon after you have bunched all of the ribbon at the bottom.

Step 6: Insert the wire through the middle

The long wire piece from the ribbon’s end should be poked through the centre of the spiral. In this photo sequence, I taped the wire to make it easier to see. You don’t have to do that at your home.

Step 7: Finish the bow by tying the wire around the ribbon

Now your wire is through the middle and at the same end of the knotted wire. Then, poke the long edge through the ribbon and catch the wired edge underneath it. Pull it tight. Repeat this process twice, then cut the wire. Now the flower is secured.

You can make floral arrangements and bows using this flower ribbon technique. You can make your floral wreaths and boutonnieres. In no time, you could create a bouquet of ribbons and flowers.

Tie a Ribbon

Different Types of Ribbon
Different Types of Ribbon

Bows are not just for girls’ hair. You’ll probably need to tie a ribbon at some point, whether you are a DIYer or a craftsperson.

Have you ever tied a beautiful ribbon and it turned out like this one?

It’s a common occurrence. No matter how hard you pull and tug on it, the thing will never line up perfectly.

You can do one thing to straighten your bow and avoid it being cockeyed. How to tie the perfect bow

Start by tying your first knot, just as you would with any other bow.

Make a loop on one side. Here is where your perfect bow will be made or broken. You should look at the direction that the opposite side of your first knot is facing. Does it come out from the bottom as shown below?

You must always wrap the loop around the bottom if it is coming from the bottom.

Keep everything loose until you get it all lined up straight.

Pull tight and adjust the bow a little more.

The non-looped part of the bow was coming out from the bottom of the knot. In this example, we’ll look at the non-looped end coming out of the top knot.

If the end that is not looped comes out from the top of the first knot, it must then be wrapped around the top of the first loop.

Keep the direction of the end that is not looped consistent. If the end is coming from the bottom of the knot, wrap it around the bottom loop. If it comes out of the top knot, wrap it around the top of the first loop. This simple rule will ensure that you get the perfect bow every time.

If you do the opposite, then you will end up in frustration.

The length of the ribbon is crucial to creating a perfect bow. It’s amazing how many times I bought a spool and thought I would make 12 bows. Or I cut up a bunch 1 foot pieces of ribbon thinking I could make large cheer bows ….. Shame! …. If you use 1 1/2 inch ribbon you will need 2 to 2.5 feet. These bows were made with 2 feet of ribbon.

The knot should be set up so that the tails are at the bottom and the loops on top. This is common sense, but if not done correctly you will end up with an extremely crooked-looking bow ….

We are experts at tying bows, having spent my entire life designing dresses for girls and hundreds of photoshoots with girls of all ages and sizes. This video and graphic will help you tie a perfect ribbon to complete your look for special and memorable occasions. This helpful graphic is included with all Special Occasion dresses that we ship, including those for First Communions, Flower Girls and Graduations.

Knowing how to tie a bow is a useful skill. It’s simple to learn and can be very handy when you need to.

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