Confused about what accent cushions to use and how to style them?  I’ll show you how to transform your sofa with beautiful cushions so that you will love spending long afternoons in your new living space.

decorating with cushions

How many cushions

I like to use an odd number of cushions on my sofa and find they look better when arranging them in groups of three or five and l love to layer them with smaller cushions.  My two blue and white patterned cushions are from Gilles and Franck.  You will love their collection as much as I do.

decorating with cushions

Use different shapes and sized cushions

I have kept the same three cushions and added two small neutral cushions in a different shape. I also love to mix my cushions, some plain, patterned or with a piped edge.

decorating with cushions


The blue patterned cushions anchor the blue colour in the room, and link it together.  My sofa already has neutral cushions at the back and I have added more neutral cushions in the front of the blue ones.

Choose a cushion with colours that are already in your living room from other furnishings, such as a lamp, rug, artwork or decor accessories.  I have used three different cushions, and two different patterns, but from the same colour palette, and linked them together with a solid colour in the middle.

You can have fun with colours pattern and texture and add your own personal style when you add your cushions to your sofa. It is so easy to change the style of your room by adding a modern or vintage fabric, or a solid colour, pattern or floral cushion.


decorating with cushions

Use Pattern and Textures

These cushions are made with different textures, a velvet cushion with a linen backing and a cotton print, with a piping edge.  Using  pattern and texture will help you create a relaxed look for your living space.  Be creative with your use of pattern and textures and have some fun.


Change your cushions around with the seasons

Change your cushions with the seasons to lighten and brighten your room in the warmer months and add texture and more deeper and earthy colours to your sofa in the colder months to add warmth to your living space.  If you would like to read more about decorating your cushions you can read about our cushion styling collection on DIY Decorator.  Have you recently bought a new accent cushion, I would love to know what colours your are using on your sofa.

style a sofa with pillows