The coffee table is often the centerpiece of your living room.  We’ll show you how to style a coffee table using just 5 simple elements.

Coffee table styling

5 Elements to Style A Coffee Table

coffee table


I have many beautiful decorating books and I love to use them on my coffee table.  Group your favourite books together in a pile by themselves or place them in a tray.  Grouping books  with similar spine colours works well.

coffee table


Use trays to collate collections on your coffee table.  Trays are perfect for grouping a collection of your favourite decorative objects together, that can easily be removed when you need to create space.  I use my tray for holding magazines, books or my collection of beautiful shells.

coffee table

Add Something Green/Foliage

It’s amazing the difference adding some greenery to your display makes.  Add some texture and colour with some faux greenery, fresh flowers or a lush green maidenhair fern.


Give your display some height by adding something tall.  Whether it be a pot plant, candle or vase of flowers.

coffee table

Decorative Objects

Add interest to your coffee table with a decorative objects.  Use small decorative pieces to add on top of your books, magazines or to place in your tray.  I’ve used plates, shells, candles and a collection of blue and white china.

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styling a coffee table

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