Fairy lights create such a beautiful party atmosphere.  Recently my daughter turned sweet 16, and we threw a party on our front deck to celebrate.  We strung fairy lights across the ceiling and they looked amazing.  I thought I’d share how to string fairy lights across the ceiling so you can try it too.  Here’s how they looked.

How to String Fairy Lights across the Ceiling

Aren’t they pretty?  Here’s a quick video to show you how to string the fairy lights or keep reading below.

What You Need:

How to String Fairy Lights:

  • Mark the centre of your ceiling space on one side.
  • Then mark every 50cm along the entire side of the ceiling
  • Mark the centre of the ceiling on the other side.  To offset the lights mark 25cm either side of the centre, then continue to mark every 50cm from these 2 points.
  • Hammer the cable clips into every mark you made, leaving room for you to thread the fairy light cable onto the clip.
  • Starting with the power point end of the lights start stringing the fairy lights from the centre cable clip, across to the other side.  Continue to string the lights in a zig zag pattern until you you reach the end.  Repeat with the second set of lights (if using)
  • Plug the lights in and turn them on ✨

How to String Fairy Lights across the Ceiling

Pin this image to save the idea for later.  If you do hang some fairy lights tag me or send me the photo.  I’d love to see.  Fairy lights are so pretty.

How to String Fairy Lights across the Ceiling


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