This may seem like a strange thing to talk about, but today I want to show you how to plump up your feather filled cushions for that casual relaxed look.  And why you can’t achieve the look with polyester filled cushions.

Last week two people asked me how to I get my cushions looking all relaxed and plump, so I thought I’d make this quick video to show you how to do it.

 How to Plump Cushions

How to Plump Cushions

Where to find the cushions on display (some may be discontinued):

From left to right:  Hampton Stripe cushion from Villa Deluxe Boutique   |   Small cushion from Villa Deluxe Boutique   |   Plain cushion with hessian trim from Junie Living   |   Schumacher Nanjing Porcelain cushion from Southern Shades   |   Floral Cushion from Villa Deluxe Boutique

Feather filled cushion (pillow) inserts are available from IKEA or google feather cushion inserts

How to plump cushions