Now that the beautiful weather is here, and we are spending more time outdoors entertaining, I have a fun outdoor table centrepiece to make.  This project is so easy you could do it in an afternoon.

Outdoor table centrepiece

Here is what you will need for your project.

  • A wide shallow pot
  • Potty mix
  • Annual potted colour (from nursery)
  • Punnet of annual plants, usually contains 6 plants
  • Spade
  • Candle
  • Glass cylinder

Ourdoor table centrepiece DIY


Outdoor Table Centrepiece


If you choose a pot with a hole in the bottom, lay some newspaper over the hole so the dirt won’t fall out over your table.  Fill your pot half way with the potty mix and place your plants around the outside of the pot, leaving a small circle in the middle.

Outdoor table centrepiece

I have started with placing the four larger pots in first, these are the potted annuals you can buy at Bunnings.  Space them out evenly in the pot, then fill the spaces in between with the small white petunias from the punnet.

Outdoor table centrepiece

After you have planted all the plants, top your pot up with soil, making sure to leave a circle in the middle to place your glass dish.  Finish off your centrepiece by placing a candle in the centre.  As the plants grow they will make a beautiful outdoor display.

Outdoor table centrepiece

Choose different sized pots or a different glass cylinder to change the look of your centrepiece, or add plants with colour.  For the centre I have used a small glass vase from Provincial Home Living.  Have fun, make as many as you need, tag us on Instagram, we would love to see them.

potted centrepiece