Have you ever made paper hydrangeas before? They are so easy to make and there are many ways in which you can use them. Paper hydrangeas are a beautiful decoration for any thoughtful gift or to style your table setting. Use the one colour or mix colours for a theme or celebration. They are a very quick and easy project to decorate with.

Hydrangea tissue paper tutorial

What you will need

5 sheets of tissue paper, floral wire, scissors and ribbon.

hydrangea pom pom tutorial

Follow our tutorial to create your paper hydrangea flower

  1. Start with five sheets of tissue paper, floral wire, a ruler and scissors. Cut your tissue paper to size, 20cm x 30cm long.
  2. Fold accordion style in 2cm folds until your tissue paper looks like this.
  3. Cut the ends of your tissue paper into half circles to form the end of your hydrangea flower.
  4. Fold your tissue paper in half and wrap the florist wire around the middle of the paper, secure with a few twists in the wire.
  5. pom pom tutorialFan your tissue paper out and carefully pull up the first layer of tissue paper, being careful not to rip.
  6. Continue to pull each later up toward the top until all the layers of tissue are separated and your hydrangea is formed.
  7. Pop your hydrangea on a gift box or beautiful wrapped present or use to decorate your table setting.
  8. You can vary the size of your tissue paper to make a range of different sizes, choose two colours for a theme, multicolours or just one colour.

Hydrangea paper tutorial

Whether you are decorating your home for a special occasion or the holiday season, they are a great way to get some helpers involved in the preparations.  You can get some great colour combinations, try blue and green, pink and orange or just plain white can look really effective outdoors.