I love this simple felt rose tutorial, so easy to make and you can use them to decorate your presents, pin to your cushions, in a group of different colours or use just the one colour.  A quick and effective project, perfect for a weekend activitiy.

Rose felt tutorial


Felt Rose tutorial

1.  The items you will need for this simple rose felt tutorial project are pins, craft glue, broach pin, a piece of felt, scissors and the pattern which was created by “From will you? to I do” and is available in PDF form to print.  All of these items are available from your local craft store.

2.  Carefully cut out your rose pattern and pin down to the felt to keep in place.

3.  Cut out the rose pattern carefully.

4.  Lay out your felt pattern, glue a line on the inner circle of your pattern (straight edge of felt not the scollaped edge), start to roll your felt up forming the inner bud of the rose.

Felt rose tutorial


5.  Keep rolling up your rose, glue as you go and continue to form the rose and petals.

6.  As you get to the end of the rose place some glue on the round circle at the end of your pattern, pushing your rose back down on this circle, this will form the backing.  Attach a broach pin on the back of the rose, this is easily put in place with more craft glue.

7.  Attach to a gift or add to a cushion, throw rug or lamp.

8.  Have fun.

Rose felt tutorial


Felt Rose Tutorial

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