How to make a colourful pom pom blanket is a very easy and simple decorating project.  You can add pom poms to a blanket, cushion or a lamp too.  Follow these instructions below to make your gorgeous pom pom blanket.Pom Pom blanket

1.  To add some mini pom poms to your throw rug you will need, pom poms, a ruler, cotton and needle for sewing and scissors. Mini pom poms are sold in many different colours, you can find them at both Spotlight and Lincraft stores.

2.  Sort your pom poms into their colour groups so they are easy to find.

3.  Start the first row of pom poms with a simple stitch in your blanket and thread your pom pom through the needle and then sew back through the pom pom and into the blalnket.  My pom poms were sewn at 20cm apart.  For the next row, I started in at 10cm, so my pom pom was spaced between the two in the top row.  You can vary the spacing between pom poms or decrease the space between your pom poms for a fuller pom pom blanket.

4.  Continue to sew each row and vary your colours.

Pom Pom blanket


Pom Pom Blanket

Pom Pom blanket DIY

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