With Christmas just around the corner, we have a simple Boxwood Wreath to help you celebrate Christmas.  Make a large wreath to hang on the wall or a smaller one to decorate your Christmas table.

How to make a boxwood wreath

I have lots of boxed hedges planted in my garden, and they were ready for a trim.  Follow this simple step by step guide to make your wreath.

How to make a boxwood wreath

What you will need:

  1. A hoop or a small wreath to use as your base.
  2. Florist wire.
  3. Florist tape.
  4. Small wire cutters.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Boxwood from the garden.
  7. A beautiful ribbon to decorate your wreath

These items are available from Lincraft or Spotlight stores.

How to make a Boxwood Wreath

Step 1.

Start by wrapping the florist tape all the way around your hoop.  With the entire hoop wrapped in green florist tape you won’t see the hoop behind your boxwood.

Boxwood wreath

Step 2.

When I cut my boxed hedges I tried to cut the pieces off in small bunches like the one above.  This way I could make a thicker wreath.  Once you have placed the boxwood on your hoop, start at the end and slowly wrap the wire around the plant securing it to the hoop.  Take care when wrapping the wire between each stem.

How to make a Boxwood Wreath

I found it easier to work backwards around the hoop and place the next piece overlapping the first one, and again wrap with wire and secure into position.  Surprisingly once I started this didn’t take too long.  I have used florist wire,  you could also use a finer wire from your local craft store to wrap around the hoop.

How to make a Boxwood Wreath

Complete your hoop and add more boxwood to any bare spots you may have.  You can trim your wreath to make the edges more smooth, but I was happy with the look of this one.

How to make a Boxwood Wreath

Step 3.

Add a beautiful ribbon and tie with a bow to finish.  Spray your wreath with a fine mist of water to keep it fresher longer.  If you are looking to preserve your boxwood before making your wreath Paper Daisy Design have a simple recipe for preserving your wreath so it will last much longer.  This will need to be done two to three weeks prior.

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