So how do you decorate your home for Easter?  It’s not like Christmas where you put up a tree and hang lights.  In the northern hemisphere it’s the beginning of spring, so the colours and flowers are reflected in the decorations.  Here in Australia, Easter is often the last of the warm weather as we head into autumn.  Let’s take a look at some simple ways to decorate your home for Easter.

how to decorate moss easter bunnies

Image – Bed Bath n’ Table

Easter Wreath

To welcome the Easter bunny through your front door, hang an Easter themed wreath.

Easter wreath

Image – Facebook

Buy a ready-made wreath or decorate a willow or grapevine wreath with decorated eggs, flowers and greenery.

Easter Garland or Bunting

How to decorate for Easter bunting

Image – Bed Bath n’ Table

Add some Easter bunting across your window, to the fireplace mantle, or in your dining area.

Create an Easter Tree

how to decorate for Easter tree

Image – Sarah Kaye

Buy or decorate empty eggshells and hang them on tree branches.  Try using willow, pussy willow and cherry blossom branches.

Create a Vignette with Easter Figurines

Nothing says Easter like a bunny rabbit figurine.

how to decorate for easter figurine

Image – Bed Bath n’ Table

Create an Easter vignette on a console table, mantelpiece or side table with Easter themed figurines, some decorative eggs and fresh flowers.

Easter Themed Cloche

Put together an Easter themed cloche.

how to decorate easter cloche

Image – Common Ground Blog

Put the cloche together the same way as my DIY Christmas Cloche, but use grass, moss or straw as the ground cover, and bunnies, chicks and eggs as the decorations.

Easter Tableware

Decorating the table for Easter is one of the most fun parts about Easter (other than the chocolate, of course).  Add some Easter themed tableware to really create a special setting.

how to decorate for easter tableware

Image – Bed Bath n’ Table

Best Shops for Easter Decorations

There are some cute Easter decorations available, but there are only a few shops that have a really good Easter range.  Here are our top picks, to help you find some Easter decorations:

easter decor sources

Bed, Bath n’ Table       |       Pillow Talk       |       Koch       |       Pottery Barn

Sam will be back soon with her step by step guide of how to create the perfect Easter table, and I’m going to show you some simple Easter flower arrangements you can do.  Stay tuned.

How to decorate for Easter