I really like the idea of creating a reading nook in the corner of a room, but how do you create a setting that says “I am a reading nook” rather than just looking like a chair stuck in the corner.  I’ll make it easy for you to create a beautiful reading nook by following these simple tips.

reading nook

Image – A Thoughtful Place Blog

This picture caught my eye on Pinterest.  It’s the perfect example of a well thought out reading nook.  All the elements work well together and it looks cosy and inviting.  So let’s break down each element and look at what’s needed to create the perfect reading nook.

reading nook

Images Left   –   Country Living magazine   |   Right – Staples Design Group on Houzz

To start with I think you need a comfy chair.  Something you can lean back into and will support your shoulders.  Personally I like to put my feet up when I’m reading or playing on the iPad, so I’d like either a chaise chair or an ottoman.

reading nook

Image – Style Me Pretty

Secondly you need good lighting.  A floor lamp is ideal as you can position the light on either side of the chair and angle the light directly over your book.  It also provides some height in the arrangement.

reading nook

Image – Better Homes & Gardens

Next you need some kind of side table so you can put down your book or a drink.  Small pedestal tables like the one pictured above are ideal, but you can also use a small step ladder, vintage crate, or wicker basket with a tray on top.

reading nook

Image – House Beautiful

To make your reading nook comfortable and cosy use a cushion and place a throw over the back or arm of the chair.  Whilst these are both practical items, do not underestimate their decorating power.  When I’m styling a sofa or chair, cushions and throws are the first thing I will use.

reading nook

Image – ZsaZsa Ballagio

To create balance in the arrangement hang artwork, a clock, mirror, or other wall art above the chair.  This is especially important if you are not using a floor lamp for height.  In interior decorating, when you create a nook like this, you are placing all the elements inside an imaginary triangle so you have height and balance.

reading nook

Image – Better Homes & Garden

Finally add all your pretty decor items and arrange them on your side table.  Decor items include; some greenery, either plants or flowers, scented candles, piles of books or magazines, photo frames, small figurines, and other decor items like coral.

Follow these simple tips and you can create your own beautiful reading nook.

How to Create a reading nook

Image in above graphic from Proverbs31Girl