If you don’t have an entire room or space to use as a home office, have you thought about creating a home office nook from a cupboard in your home to provide some office space whether you are working from home or running the household.  Once work is finished you can close the doors to your office.  Here are some simple tips to creating your own concealed work space by converting a cupboard into an office space.



Image: Decorpad

Creating a home office nook will help to contain office clutter.  Choose a cupboard that has easy access, somewhere you can open up the doors and comfortably place a chair.  A great idea for a guest room. 



Image: Design Sponge

Once you have cleared your cupboard, add paint, wallpaper or artwork to the interior walls of your cupboard to brighten up a dark space.



Image: Kelly Deck

Fit your cupboard out with a desk, whether you have one made or find a ready made desk you can customise from Ikea.  Hang overhead shelving or cupboards to store or file your paperwork so as to keep your work space clean and tidy. 


Image: Sarah RIchardson Design
A filiing cabinet to hide all your paperwork and keep an organised home.  Add more than one tray to sort your incoming mail and papers. 

cupboard 4


Image: Kapito Muller

Now you can add your pretty stationery, storage boxes, a photo board to pin reminders, keep a space for office supplies, and your ready to go.

Having a decluttered workspace will give you a sense of being clear minded and able to focus on the day to day items.