I get asked so many questions about decorating, but what people really want to know is how do you get your home to look like the dream picture you have in your mind?  You may have saved countless images to Pinterest, or kept a scrapbook of magazine photos of homes you love the look of.  How do you turn your existing home into a home like the ones in the pictures?  Well you need a decorating plan, and I’m going to show you how I create my decorating plans.

Blue decorative cushions on a linen slipcover modular sofa. A love hate relationship with cushions

Why Create a Beautiful Home?

Creating a beautiful home is exciting, challenging and rewarding.  Creating a good decorating plan saves you time, money and stress.


It’s exciting to use colour and pattern to transform your space.  It’s exciting to go shopping for furniture and decor accessories, and it’s exciting when you imagine what your space might look like.


Decorating your home is challenging.  You have to visualise how you want it to look, buy the right items and carry out work in the right order and to a budget.


As you work towards your decorating goal, you’ll start to create a home that’s welcoming, comfortable and personal to you.

How to display photo frames styling tip

“Our homes should tell our stories and the way we do that is through our things” – Nate Berkus

You might think that you decorate a home to make it look nice, but what you are actually doing is creating a home that makes you feel good.  I’ve written before about How do you want your home to make you feel?  We decorate because of how it makes us feel to be in the room.

Every home is unique as each is a curated collection of your belongings that tell your story.  You arrange your furniture in a way that suits how you live in the room.  You choose colours and patterns that you like.  You hang artwork that brings you joy or that you resonate with.

We all lead busy lives.  It’s important that our homes are both practical to suit our lifestyles, and beautiful in our eyes to allow us to relax and feel comfortable.

Why I chose an Ottoman Coffee Table

Creating a beautiful home takes time, money, resources and effort, but it’s worth it.  After a busy day, our homes are where we come to relax and unwind.  Life is short.  Make it Count.  Make it beautiful.  Make it yours.

Make a decorating plan

How to Create a Decorating Plan

Decorating your home can be challenging, but creating a decorating plan will focus your decorating efforts, so you can achieve great results quickly and without expensive mistakes.

Over the next 6 weeks, I’ll share step by step how I create a decorating plan in my Decor Coaching sessions, and how you can too.  I hope these blog posts serve as a comprehensive and practical guide for you.

The simple 6 step decorating plan gives you the decorating and planning knowledge you need to create a home you’ll love living in.

6 Step Decorating Plan ©

These are the 6 steps you follow to create a decorating plan for a room in your home.

  1. Understanding the Room
  2. Decorating Vision & Plan
  3. Layer 1 – The Bones of the Room
  4. Layer 2 – Furniture
  5. Layer 3 – Home Decor & Furnishings
  6. Styling & Pulling it all Together

Each week, we’ll cover one step of the decorating plan.

  • Preparation – Understanding the room and creating your decorating vision
  • Planning – Decorating with the three layers
  • Styling – the finishing touch

Create a decorating plan

This comprehensive guide to home decorating makes the professional approach accessible to everyone.  Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to create a focal point in the room
  • How to highlight features of the room and hide the room’s flaws
  • How to arrange furniture so it works for you and your lifestyle
  • How to shop for furniture and home decor
  • How to style your home decor to be magazine worthy

Decorating is about making lots of choices and decisions – what you’ll learn in creating your decorating plan helps you eliminate options, making your choices easier and saving you costly mistakes.

Tips for choosing dining chairs

Your Decorating Plan ©

At the end of the 6 weeks, your decorating plan will have:

  • A Vision or Moodboard (either physical or online)
  • A floorpan and elevations to help you arrange your space
  • A furniture arrangement plan
  • An action list of decorating tasks
  • A shopping list for furniture and decor
  • Styling tips and recipes to pull the look together

Example of shopping list prepared for Decor Coaching

The Decorating Journey

Decorating a home is a journey, not a destination.  Rooms are never ‘finished’.  They continue to change and evolve over time as our life changes.

Take your time.  Enjoy the journey. Most mistakes are made when everything is chosen and bought in a hurry.  Take time to create your plan and then implement that plan slowly at your own pace.

Look back and appreciate what you have achieved rather than focussing on what still needs to be done.

Classic ensuite reveal

Next week, we’ll cover Step 1 – Understanding the Room.  Have a think about which room you want to start with.  Make sure you subscribe to our weekly newsletter so you get access to the free resources and don’t miss a post.

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How to create a decorating plan

How to Create a Decorating Plan