Each year we buy a real Christmas Tree to decorate so on Friday our family ventured over to one of our local Christmas Tree Farms, Stumpy Gully Christmas Tree Farm in search of the perfect tree.

Christmas Tree farm

Here are some simple tips to choosing your perfect tree.


Know the size of tree you are looking for so it will fit comfortably in your home.  There are helpers at the tree farm with poles who can measure how tall your tree is.  Take into account the height of your Star or Angel that will go on top of your tree and the base your tree will sit in.

Christmas Tree Farm


Choose the shape of your tree, do you prefer a tall skinny tree or one with a broader bottom.  Short or tall and dense with foliage and no bare patches.  Be mindful of where your tree is going to sit at home, will everyone see all the way around your tree or will you have one part in a corner.

Christmas Tree Farm

Transporting your Tree

Your tree can be wrapped in netting to make transporting it home much easier.  Don’t forget to make sure you have suitable transport for your tree.

Christmas tree farm


Pop your tree in a bucket of water as soon as you arrive home.  This will give your tree a moment to absorb some water while you get your stand and decorations ready.  Don’t forget to top your trees water up eveyday to ensure it has a long life.

Before you completely dress your tree make sure all your lights are working first, then add all the baubles and decorations.

Christmas Tree FarmPicking out your own Christmas tree can bring everyone together.  Go prepared with sunscreen and water, it can be a long day.  We chose our Christmas tree in record time this year.  Don’t rush, it can take time to find the perfect tree.

Want to share your tree with us, we would love to see it.  Tag us on facebook or instagram.

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How to choose a Christmas Tree