Are you thinking about painting your home white but wondering which one to choose? The paint colour you choose can appear different at certain times of day due to which direction the light is coming from and how much light is in your home.  Here are Four things to consider when choosing a white paint for your home.

dulux white paint

Update walls with a shade of white paint. The right shade of white will help create a sense of light and space. The colour can also be affected by a reflection coming from floor coverings or curtains.


Image: Dulux “Whisper White”


White paint has other colours through it to make it warmer or cooler.  For a crisp modern look a white colour with blue undertones will be more suitable.  For a warmer feel, perhaps in an older home  you may want to use a white paint colour with yellow undertones.

There are “colours” in white – whites can be broadly classified as cool whites or warm whites.

Always think about the purpose of a room before choosing a paint color.


Image: Dulux “Natural White”

Cool Whites

The cool white paint colours have a blue or black base and will work best in rooms that get more light.  The crisp whites are more suitable to a modern home with straight modern lines.


Image: Dulux “White Exchange half””

Warm Whites

Warm white paint colours have yellow, brown or red undertones and create warmth for a cosy atmosphere.  Paint colours such as Antique White USA, Chalk USA will work better with natural timbers.


Image: Dulux

DuluxImage: Dulux “White On White”

Sample Pots

Now this is the fun part and the best way to find the right white paint colour for your room. You can buy A4 size samples of colour or a sample pot from Dulux.

I have bought only three sample pots so far, and I have painted them on the wall in a few different rooms as the light in each room is very different.  This gives you a good indication of what white paint colour will suit your home.

The first colour I tried was White on White, I actually found this one a bit too cool for the room.  The second paint was Natural White, this one was a bit too warm.  The last one I have tried is a new Dulux colour Snowy Mountain.  I think I will be going with this one.

Dulux paint

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Choosing white paint

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