Its no secret, I love an indoor plant.  Succulents are a very popular and low maintenance indoor and outdoor plant, there are many shapes, sizes and colours to choose from.  Today we have some tips on how to care for your succulent indoors.



Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves.  Water your succulent and allow the soil to dry out between each water,  be careful not to underwater.  It is usually recommended to use a pot with a drainage hole so your succulent isn’t sitting in water otherwise the leaves will discolour.



Your succulent will love three to four hours of light a day.  The leaves on your succulent may discolour if it is getting too much light.  Don’t forget succulents are a desert plant and like hot dry conditions.  A light filled space or your windowsill is the perfect spot.



For indoor use plant your succulent in a fast draining potting mix.  Their roots are shallow and they don’t need a lot of soil.  Fertilise your succulent in summer when they do their growing.  Finish off your pot with some small pebbles over the soil.


Placing pebbles beneath the soil in the bottom of your container will also help the water to run out of the soil and dry out.  Because they have shallow roots they suit small containers.

They can look really good in a variety of containers, planters or glass dishes.  Add more pebbles to the bottom and then soil.  Just be careful not to let your succulent sit in water if you are using a container with no drainage holes.



Propagate your succulent by taking leaves from your plant.  Allow the leaves to dry out for up to a week before you replant them. This is really important otherwise they will absorb too much moisture.  Once the leaves are dry you can place them over some potting mix in a planter.  They will soon start to sprout new growth.  Only water about once a week.

How to care for succulent plants

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