We recently stayed overnight in a beautiful hotel in Melbourne, don’t you love how the bathroom is perfectly fit out luxuriously for your stay.  The neatly folded fluffy towels, hand cream and a small box containing bits and pieces from cotton and thread to safety pins.  It’s not that hard to re-create a holiday escape in your own bathroom.  Add a little luxury to your bathroom with these beautiful bathroom decor ideas and products.

Bathroom decor


Image 1. Mark Williams Design  | 2. Candle |3. Soap | Baskets

Add a small side table to hold your bathroom luxuries. Add quality towels and hand towels, or store them in a basket or in a built in shelf.  Fresh flowers are always a beautiful addition to finish off your bathroom.

Bathroom Decor

Image 5. Lake Jane | 6. Candle | 7. Basket | 8. Bondi Soap

Indulge in some quality bathroom products to enjoy.

bathroom decor4

Image: 9. Susan Glick Interiors | 10. Hand Soap |11. Candle | 12. Hand Lotion

Relax and enjoy a warm soak in the bath.