The third and final (for the moment) home decor styling tip is here.  To create a great looking display of your home decor accessories, use styling secrets number 1 and 2 and then, give your collection of home decor a colour scheme or theme.

decor styling secret colour

Image:  Anne Hepfer Design

Use Colours That Are Already in the Room

The colour and theme of your home decor accessories should work back with the colours and theme of the rest of the room.  Here designer Anne Hepfer has chosen a pink book and pink flowers to work back with the rug and pom pom throw, and has used green leaves in a vase to work back with the stunning bedhead and valance.

home decor styling perfume tray

Image: Stylizmo Blog

This perfume tray is simple and elegant.  All the accessories are black and white with some pops of gold.  Everything works together because you are repeating a small number of the same colours.

Choose A Theme

home decor styling secret coastal colours and theme

Image: AGK Design Studio

Here in their Bayside Walk project, designers AGK Design Studio have stuck to a colour palette of blue, white and neutrals which works with the bookcase and the rest of the room.  They have also themed the objects to have a coastal theme by including coral, a rope knot and images of the seaside.  Whilst the blue and white ginger jar is not coastal, it still works in the collection as it’s linked by colour.

home decor styling blue and white

Image: DIY Decorator

On Sam’s coffee table, she’s created a collection of blue and white china and added a pop of bright pink for colour which works with the blue cushions on her sofa and her pink pom pom throw.

Keep It Neutral

home decor styling

Image: AGK Design Studio

In the above room, there’s a lot of colour and pattern going on (and this photo doesn’t show the green patterned curtains), so one of the simplest things to do is to keep the home decor accessories neutral.  On this chevron chest of drawers, the accessories are plain white, plain blue or neutral – no busy patterns.

So there you have it.  Link your home decor accessories by colour or a theme to work with the rest of the room, and where you have a busy room, pare the accessories back so they are more neutral.

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