This week I’m revealing my second home decor styling secret …. the use of repetition.  Pretty simple but it works.  When you are creating a small display or vignette, you want a collection of objects that are different heights and shapes but you don’t want it to look too busy.  Repeating an item 2 or more times in the display is a great way to fill the space whilst keeping the arrangement simple.  Here’s what I mean…

soaps in jarsImage: DIY Decorator

Repeat the Same Object

Repeat exactly the same object in the arrangement.  The items can be side by side as a pair, or offset.

pair of candlesticks repeating

Image – Looks Like White

Here a pair of silver candlesticks sit side by side.

styling secret repeat

Image – Mitt Vita Hus

A collection of 3 crystal tea lights fill the space between the vase and the bowl without looking too busy or crowded.

styling secret repeat

Image – Candace Barnes Studio

In this image the balls on stands are repeated and offset.

Repeat the Same Object in a Different Height

Repeat the same object but in a different size or height or size to the original item.

styling secret repeat

Image – Bolig Magazine

Here, the display still repeats one of the objects, the orchid in a pot, but you introduce the second repeating item in a smaller size than the original.

style secret repeat

Image – Target (US)

In this image both the lantern and the vase are repeated.

styling secret repeating

Image – Craftsberry Bush

In this image both the white lanterns and glass floats are repeated.

Repeat a Similar Object

Repeat a different but similar item to the original.  The items will still look like they match, but they may be slightly different shapes or sizes to the anchoring item.

repeat similar items

Image – Porchlight Interiors

Here the three green glass vases are all different shapes and sizes but they still look the same.

mercury glass

Image – Traditional Home

Here there are 3 different items, candlesticks, pillar candle stands and a vase in different shapes and sizes but they are all mercury glass and so give a unified look.

So there you have it – REPITITION.  You will see another example of this secret in action in our story – Decorating with San Pellegrino

I would love to see any vignette you create using repetition.  Please tag us in your picture on instagram or Facebook and we’ll feature some of our favourite pictures.

To see the first secret visit Home Decor Styling Secret Number 1 and watch out for decorating secret number 3 next week – Home Decor Styling Secret Number 3