For most of us, the kitchen is the hub of our home and we often gather around a couple of bar stools at the kitchen bench.  Have you got the right kitchen bar stool?  Whether you eat breakfast here, or enjoy a drink after work, you need the right kitchen bar stool to make it work.

kitchen bar stool

This is my kitchen bench.  We only have a small section at the end where you can sit.  When we moved in I bought 2 Tolix replica white bar stools.  Here’s why I bought them and what you need to consider when you buy a kitchen stool.


If you want your kitchen bar stool to be a feature and stand out against your kitchen cupboards, choose a contrasting colour to the cabinetry.  If you don’t want them to be a feature, and just want them to blend in, choose a colour similar to your kitchen cabinets.

I chose white to blend in with my cabinets, so the stools ‘disappear’ and are not noticeable.

kitchen bar stool side view


What material do you want your stools to be made of?  Do you want timber to add some warmth or contrast?  Do you want upholstery for texture/pattern and comfort?  Do you want a hard surface that is tough wearing and easy to clean?

I have 2 teenagers and a dog, plus my husband so I chose a hard wearing, easy-to-clean metal stool.  I’d love an upholstered seat, but no amount of scotch guard will save it from family life and vegemite.

kitchen bar stools no back


Whether your stool has back support or not is both a matter of comfort and aesthetics.  A stool with back support means you lean back into it, but the back of the stool will be much higher which means you will see it over the bench top making it more prominent in the room.

I did not want my stools to have a strong visual weight and be prominent in the room, so I chose stools with no back.  The compromise is that you have to sit upright.


The other important factor to consider is the height of the bar stool.  You can read our story on Choosing the Right Height Bar Stool to get the exact measurements your bar stool need a to be.

Example: Kitchen Bar Stool Too Tall

kitchen bar stool too tall

If your stool is too high, you may knock your knees against the bottom of the bench, and find it squishy.

Example: Kitchen Bar Stool Too Short

kitchen bar stool too short

If your kitchen stool is too short, you are sitting too low.

You will find a white bar stool like mine,  similar at Zanui.  Other bar stools I think you’ll like are:

Kitchen Bar Stools Brosa Collection


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Make sure you check the kitchen bench height against the bar stool height before you buy to make sure the stool is the right height.

I hope this has helped you to decide what kitchen bar stool might work for you.  If you have any questions, please let me know below or on social media.

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