Do you struggle to find good quality customs made curtains at an affordable price?  I know I have, but I have found a great source of custom made curtains made right here in Australia, that may just be what you’ve been looking for.

Affordable custom made linen curtains

Problem: Badly Faded Curtains

Here was the problem.  My bedroom curtains were once beautiful sky blue silk curtains, but the Queensland sun has taken it’s toll and now they are badly faded and ruined.

Faded silk curtains

Old curtains ruined

In addition to the fading, the curtains were too short.  I like my curtains to just skim or pool on the floor.

Old silk curtains

Challenge: Finding Affordable Custom Made Curtains

Why most ready made curtains wouldn’t work:

  • I wanted extra long curtains – 270cm which are near impossible to find in ready made curtains
  • I wanted an inverted pleat heading – Most ready-mades are eyelet, pencil pleat, or pinch pleat
  • I wanted natural linen fabric with some design detail that made them special – enough said.
  • I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on curtains.  Five years ago I got a quote for curtains much smaller than these and it was $1800.  No thanks

Solution: Pret a Portiere

After an extensive search I came across Pret a Portiere who offers custom made curtains in a range of fabrics, in a wide choice of headings and at a reasonable price.  Ticked all the boxes.

Step 1 – I found a curtain style I liked – Soho Linen Drapes

Pret a Portiere Step 2 – I measured my windows and worked out what sort of lining I needed.  Measure the width of your track/pole, and from the bottom of the pole to the floor.  To work out which length of curtain is right for you, read 4 Curtain Mistakes to Avoid.

Measure up Curtains

Step 3 – I chose the style of curtain heading I wanted.  Look at the great choices – they even offer Goblets

Curtain Heading Styles

Step 4 – I ordered some free samples in colours I thought would work and simply chose the 2 that would work with my wall colour and bedhead.

Fabric Sample

Once I had worked through all my specifications, I placed my order and 2 weeks later my new linen curtains arrived.

Result – Affordable Custom Curtains

The curtains arrived with the hooks already installed so all I had to do was iron them and hang them.

custom made curtains by pret a portiere

I just love the way they puddle on the floor.  I added 3″ to the floor length for this effect.

custom made drapes

I was very impressed with the quality of the curtains.  They are straight, professionally sewn, with weights in the bottom hem for better hanging.

custom made linen curtains

Custom made curtains

So the Master Bedroom is nearly done.  We’ve repainted the walls – read about that here in How to Use Paint Sample Pots Properly.  The curtains have been replaced.  Now to look for affordable custom made lampshades and complete the ensuite renovation.

If you’re on the hunt for some new curtains, I can highly recommend Pret a Portiere.  I paid for my curtains.  They were not gifted to me and I wasn’t paid to promote their curtains, but when I find an Australian service that is really good, it’s worth sharing with the other DIY Decorator’s out there.

Linen Curtains Square

You can check out Pret a Portiere’s range for yourself.  Alice, the Creative Director, is extremely helpful and her and her team will happily help you work out the best curtains for you.