I really love watching my garden come back to life in Spring, the first growth on my roses appears, and the pear trees down my driveway start to blossom.  Gardening in September is a busy month, there are many gardening jobs to do.  Whether its finishing off the pruning, which you should have done a few months ago or just a general tidy up and planting new seedlings.  We have a simple list for you to follow to get your garden looking beautiful for Spring.

September Garden jobs6

Image: Tara Dillard


With more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures those weeds will have started to pop up, and you need to stay on top of them.


Image DIY Decorator

Planting & Watering

You may have noticed you have to start watering your pot plants more regularly now, otherwise they will be starting to dry out. A new season means a visit to your local nursery, plant foxgloves now for summer and spring flowers for instant colour, your nursery will have fresh stock of what is available to plant now in September.  Don’t forget to plan ahead and plant some seedlings to keep that colour coming in your garden. 

september garden jobs5

Image: Your Wedding At Home Katie Stoops Photography


Apply slow release fertiliser to your potted plants.  I like to use Seasol for my garden in early spring as it encourages healthy plant growth and flowering and root system development, and can also improve natural plant tolerance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases, which can help prepare my garden for summer too.  You can find it at your local nursery or Bunnings store.


Image: Italian Girl in Georgia Blog


Top up the mulch on your garden beds ready for Spring before the weather is too warm.


Image: Country Style


Clean out your chicken house, they will love you for it, add fresh straw, I always like to add some new water bowls to their pen as the weather becomes a little warmer.

Sweep and clear pathways around your garden and give it a general tidy up, sweep down your deck or patio and add pots of potted colour ready to enjoy the Spring weather.  Completing these simple tasks will help you create a beautiful garden you will want to spend time in.