Welcome visitors to your home with a beautiful and elegant front door light for your porch.   A brightly lit porch creates a safe environment and will add curb appeal to the entrance of your home.  Today we have a selection of front door lights to choose from and some outdoor light inspiration you will love.

Porch lighting

Image: Blackband Design Via Decorpad


If you are replacing an old light you may want to keep it in the same position, whereas if you are installing a new one you will have a greater choice of where to place your outdoor light and the style of light you can use.  Check with an electrician as to where to install or replace your new outdoor light fitting. 

porch lighting

Image: AGK Design Studiio


Porch lights can come in many different shapes, sizes and styles, depending on the architecture or style of your home will help you choose which lighting fixture to buy. 

Front Entrance Lighting

1. Hampton Wall Bracket Milton Lighting | 2. Port Wall Bracket  Milton LIghting | 3. Kichler, Bradford Collection American Lighting | 4. Prince St. Weathered Brass Wall Light Dunlin | 5. Kichler, Lindstrom Collection American Lighting | 6. Kichler, Lyndon Collection American Lighting American Lighting | 7. Atomic Flared Gooseneck Barn Light Barn Light Australia | 8. Goodrich Sky Chief Gooseneck Light Barn Light Australia | 9. Medium Austin LED Exterior Wall Light Schots Home Emporium | 10. York Exterior Wall Bracket Light Schots Home Emporium

Porch lighting

Image: Peridot Decorative Homewear


Balance the size of your front porch light with the size of your entry door, instead of the overall size of your home.  If you are mounting a light either side of your door be sure to measure the placement of your light correctly for each side.

Porch lighting

Image: Image: AGK Design Studio

I love that adding something so simple as a front door light can change the look of your home, have you recently bought a front porch light, tag us on instagram or facebook with a picture, we would love to see it.