Freestanding baths are the new standard for bathrooms.  Gone are the drop in baths with the tiled surround, freestanding baths are back and they’re here to stay.

Freestanding baths white

1.   Aura freestanding bath from Caroma

2.  Forme egg shape freestanding bath from Bathroom Warehouse

3.   Blanc freestanding bath from Caroma

4.   Laufen Kartell bath from Reece

5.   Cube freestanding bath from Caroma

6.   Clearwater Formoso freestanding bath from Reece

Freestanding baths are also available in more traditional designs.

Traditional freestanding baths

Inspirational Image from Foster House

7.   Marbletrend double highjack claw foot bath from Bunnings

8.   French bathtub from Recollections

With black and white bathrooms so popular now, have a look at these two tone black and white bath tubs.

Black and white freestanding baths

9.   Noir freestanding bath from Caroma

10.   Black and white slipper bath from Recollections

11.   Xion Nero bath from Highgrove Bathrooms

12.   Kado Lure freestanding bath from Reece

Freestanding baths are not attached to a wall and do not need a hob, frame or additional tiling for installation. They do require more space than built in baths so they are great for larger bathrooms or you can position the bath close to a wall in smaller bathrooms – just leave room to get behind for cleaning. A freestanding bath becomes a real focal point in your bathroom, so take your time and  choose one that will make an impact.