A fireplace is usually the focus of your living room.  Storing your firewood neatly inside your home in the colder months is ideal.

Today we have some stylish inspiration and storage solutions for your firewood inside and outside the home.

Indoor Firewood Storage

storing firewood

Image: Ashley Whittaker Design

Storing your firewood inside is the perfect option.  Having a space indoors for your firewood will help keep you organised and your fire warm and cosy.

firewood storage

Image: Diagnoosisisustusmania

If you don’t have a specific space designed to store your firewood, use baskets and metal buckets to store your wood in.

Firewood storage

Image: Olive & The Fox

Showcase your firewood

To keep your logs looking this good when in storage, cut each length the same and stack neatly together one row at a time.

Modern farmhouse

Image: Homebunch

 Outdoor Firewood Storage

Outdoor timber storage has never looked better.  You can store your timber neatly in a small shed or with a bespoke piece designed specifically for your outdoors. This wood stacker below is from The Unearthed Garden.

Firewood storage

Image: Unearthed

 How to store kindling & Pine cones

Store your kindling in baskets of all shapes and sizes.  If you are able to spend the time putting your kindling into small bundles this will help keep you organised for the winter months and you won’t have to venture outside.

Pine cones are easy to store, they will fit in almost any storage basket or wire basket that fits in with your decor.  Store your pine cones in a beautiful blue and white bowl and make a display with them.  You can find blue and white bowls from Botticelli House.

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