Have you seen these gorgeous rugs made using individual balls of felt wool?  They are adorable.  Whilst they are perfect for little children, my teenage daughter has a watermelon felt ball rug in her room, and she loves it.

felt ball rug watermelon

How Felt Ball Rugs are Made

These rugs are handmade by talented women artisans in Nepal under fair-trade.  The women use New Zealand wool fibres and roll them by hand until they form solid round balls.  These individual balls are then sewn together to form rugs and other products such as garlands, coasters and trivets.

felt ball rug watermelon close up

What Makes Felt Ball Rugs Special

After living with this rug for a couple of weeks now, this is what we’ve found:

  • The rug is soft to stand and lie on
  • The individual felt balls add texture to the room
  • The watermelon design definitely adds a pop of colour to the room, but you can also get plain and neutral coloured rugs.  Check out this soft grey one.
  • The rug is hard wearing.
  • The rug did have a few bumps when we first unrolled it, but they are smoothing out as the rug has been laid flat.
  • The coloured garland also adds colour and texture, and looks great strung across the bed.

felt ball rug australia watermelon

Design Your Own

With Felt Ball Rug Australia, you can even design your own rug and have it made in the colours you would like.  Sample cards of the felt ball colours are available to choose your colours, then design your rug.

Personally, I’d love to see someone design a rug in the shape of an ice-cream cone with gelato on top.

felt ball rug australia

Try For Yourself

If you would like a felt ball rug visit:

Felt Ball Rug Online Store | Instagram @feltballrugaustralia

Disclosure: Felt Ball Rug Australia sent me a round watermelon rug and garland to review for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine, and I have given an honest account of the product.

felt ball rug australia

Sources:  Watermelon Rug & Garland from Felt Ball Australia   |   Paradise Green quilt cover from Ettitude   |   Flamingo Cushion from The Coastal Cushion Company   |   Bed & Curtains from IKEA

felt ball rug australia