Today on DIY Decorator, we are pleased to have our very special guest, the one and only Faux Fuchsia, from Faux Fuchsia Style blog.  If you are after the Queen of cushions, and the expert authority on all things cushions, this is your lady.  Her instagram profile reads ‘Would Never Ever Knowingly Under Cushion or Under Accessorise (the Devil’s Work).  So we asked Faux Fuchsia for her insight into the world of cushions.

Faux Fuchsia Cushions


A collection of Faux Fuchsia’s favourite cushions from Linen & Moore – Carnival, Circus, Elephant & Zebra.

“At the moment I am loving velvet cushions, especially textured ones, animal print, anything by Florence Broadhurst, Yves Delorme stuff with those cute floral patterns and of course Frette. “

Faux Fuchsia cushions Florence Broadhurst


Spring Floral and Yvans geometric cushions available from Florence Broadhurst

“I hate anything too matched and love contrasting textures. Strangely I am also attracted to grey and purple at the moment. I know. Through the Looking Glass Cushion wise. My treasures are still the Anna Spiro ones that cost an arm and a leg and I remain committed to feather inserts.”

Faux Fuchsia luxe cushions


Chrysanthemum & Josephine purple cushion from Luxotic

“No one in this house respects my cushions and my 3 year old likes to chuck them all on the floor and scream “Done”. I have however trained him not to ever lie on a cushion with wet hair, because as he says to his father “it will stain”. Damn Straight.”

Faux Fuchsia Gilles & Frank cushion

Steal Faux Fuchsia’s look with the Gilles & Franck stunning floral cushion currently on sale for $39.95

“Say what you will about a cushion, they ask for so little and give so much and they’re the cheapest part of any decor so really, what’s not to love?”


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.  To see more of Faux Fuchsia’s charm and wicked sense of humour visit her blog or follow her on instagram.


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