Life’s busy, so to stay organised I have set up a family command centre at the end of my kitchen.  What’s a family command centre you ask? Well it’s a central place where you can keep notes, your calendar and even the car keys. Command Centre Images from KikkiK, Decor Pad (Better Homes & Gardens), and Clean and Scentsible

What you will need to create your own family command centre:

  • A magnetic whiteboard or noticeboard – try Officeworks, KikkiK, IKEA
  • Planning Stationary such as a calendar, shopping list pad, weekly chores, note pad, meal planner sheets
  • Pens, coloured felt pens or highlighters and something to hold them in
  • Magnets and clips for holding papers
  • Hooks for holding keys

Command Centre AccessoriesCommand Centre Accessories

1.   Family calendar from KikkiK

2.   White deer magnetic hook from Urbanities

3.   3 pack magnetic bulldog clips from KikkiK

4.   80 pack of push pins from KikkiK

5.   Set of 6 blue and white magnets from Bed Bath n Table

Pottery Barn Daily System Black

Another option for creating a family command centre is to buy a ready made customisable system such as The Daily System, available in either black, espresso or stainless steel finish, from Pottery Barn.

So now there’s no excuse for not being able to find the car keys.