An embroidery hoop is two circular hoops with a tightening device that is used to hold a piece of fabric taut so it can be embroidered, but they can easily be used to create your own custom wall art.

Embroidery Hoops Ivy Lil

These beautiful embroidery hoop wall plaques are available from Ivy & Lil.

If you’re a DIY kinda person, here is some inspiration to create your own embroidery hoop wall art.

Better Homes Gardens

Here, Better Homes & Gardens have used lace fabric inside the embroidery hoops for a sheer textured look.

Mondo Cherry

and Mondocherry have filled their hoops with vintage pieces of crochet and doilies.


This famous wall of Purl Bee shop in London is filled with embroidery hoops in different sizes featuring different Liberty of London fabrics.  You can create your own collection of framed fabric by mixing and matching colours and patterns or creating a collection around a theme.

Country Living

Country Living have added photos to plain fabric in embroidery hoops.  Alternatively you could print your favourite photos onto fabric or canvas and frame them in the embroidery hoop.


This last image is from Silhouette America Blog.  Here they have attached vinyl cut outs to a fabric background, and hand stitched the date.  To make your embroidery hoop wall art interesting you could attach buttons, ribbons or other embellishments, either by gluing or appliqué.