Choosing an interior paint colour for your home is not always easy.  There are so many neutral and white paints to choose from.  Today we are going to look at the top ten interior paint colours from Dulux.

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Walls – Dulux  Vivid White | Image: DIY Decorator

Choosing a new paint colour for your home can sometimes seem so daunting when you are standing there in front of all the paint samples and wondering which one to choose.

To make it so much easier to choose your perfect paint colour, Dulux Colour Expert Andrea Lucena-Orr has kindly shared with us here at DIY Decorator the top ten Dulux paint colours used in Australian homes.

Dulux top 10 paint colours

With Spring just around the corner it is the perfect time of year to start thinking about any DIY projects around the home and freshening up your interior with a new coat of paint.

Hog Bristle quarter strength

Walls – Dulux Hog Bristle Quarter Strength | Image: DIY Decorator

To help me decide on a paint colour I choose all the samples that I think may work in my home.  After eliminating some I choose maybe two or three sample pots.  Sample pots are the best for trying out a new colour.

Mudroom wall with coat hooks DIY

Walls – Dulux Vivid White |  Image: DIY Decorator

When you use the sample pots on your wall, its a good idea to mark the name of the colour in pencil or attach the paper sample to the wall next to your paint with some blutack.

If you are like me and keep going back to get a few more sample pots, it can get confusing and you will soon forget what colour each sample of paint is.

Wet paint looks much lighter.  Its really important to wait for the paint to dry to see what it will look like and then do a second coat of paint.

dulux white paint

You can order an A4 paint sample sheet and sample pots online directly from Dulux.

 I hope this has helped you decide on a new paint colour or at least narrow it down to a few.  We all love to see what paint colours others are choosing to paint their homes.

Tell us about your perfect paint colour.  What did you choose for your home? What valuable painting tips do you have for us?

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