Whether you’re building, renovating or planning for your perfect home, Kikki K have a range of folders and Journals to help you store and organise all your inspiration and product samples.

Your dream home is not far away with this handy and stylish Dream Home Organiser.  

Pinterest 1


Pinterest is a great way to store your inspiration and ideas online.  You can find them here.


DIY Dream Home1

You can use the stickers to personalise each divider, and features a Dream Home checklist, wish lists, key contacts sheets and plans and ideas sheets as well as plastic pockets and plastic business card pockets.



1.  Inspiration from Traditional Home via Pinterest.

1A.  Gold Shamley Sphere chandelier from Laura Ashley.

1B.  Hawthorn linen cushion from Laura Ashley.

2.  Dream Home Organiser stickers from Kikki K.

3.  Dream Home Organiser from Kikki K.

4.  DIY album from Kikki K.

5.  White storage box from Kikki K.

6.  Inspiration from Traditional Home via Pinterest.

7.  Blue floral cushion with contrasting lilac piping from Gilles & Franck

8.  Hydrangeas from Adairs.