There are 4.2 million pet dogs in Australia (according to the RSPCA), so if you have one in your family, make them feel special by putting the same effort into decorating for them as you do for you.

A dogs life DIY dog bed

This is Gus, our nearly 5 year old schnoodle (Schnauzer-Poodle cross).  Like many pet dogs, he’s part of the family.  He has a rattan bed that I bought from Early Settler when he was born that sits in our main living area.

Living Room

It’s the perfect spot in summer – right under the air-conditioner.  I wanted his bed to work with the rest of the room.  I have just bought new blue cushions from Villa Deluxe Boutique, so I used some fabric I had from Fabric Traders to sew a new box cushion for his bed.

It's a Dogs life DIY dog mattress

A box cushion cover is pretty easy to sew.  It’s all straight edges.  You will find a good tutorial to follow here – How to Make a Box Cushion with a Zipper

Gus on Mattress Square

So with his inside bed looking good, I turned to his outside bed.

It's a dogs life DIY painted dog kennel

Yes I really did paint his dog house to look just like the main house.  Even down to the black and white striped cushion.  Here’s what it looked like before:

timber dog kennel

It was a timber kennel from Pet Barn, with a green roof on the awning.  I coated it with Zinsser B-I-N sealer and stain killer to stop the red/orange stain coming through.  Then gave it a couple of coats of Dulux weather shield in Natural White.  I used the same black paint that I used for my Butcher’s Block Makeover, and voila the dog kennel was transformed.

its a dogs life black and white dog kennel

its a dogs life dog kennel

its a dogs life

Gus loves his newly made over dog house, especially when he has a bone to chew on.

If you have a dog, show him some puppy love and make his space just as pretty as yours.

Dog Kennel Makeover